way to get sexual fantasies during Covid

Is sex nowadays easier or harder to get?
A question derived from the development of new technologies and adult website like www.meetvipgirls.com along with the pandemic times. Relationships and ways of meeting new people have changed. Physical contact now seems more difficult than ever. So it seems logical that everyone is trying to find sexual release in online medium. B

Just as people all over the world have seen their mobility reduced and experienced confinement, so have adult performers. Professional filming has come to a halt in favour of a more amateur, “down-home” style of filming. So the so-called pornemia refers to this pornographic “lack” or “scarcity” to give way to the search for sexual pleasure elsewhere. For example, social networks, TV shows, erotic chat rooms…

Pornemia: An experience beyond
The user experience? It is something similar. The whole experience that any person has from the moment they enter the store or a website, walk around, look at it, explore it, buy or not, and leave. 

The search for smells, touches, feelings, thoughts, sweats… Everything that completes the sexual experience at all levels is now sought after in any action, no matter how ordinary it may be. Especially after almost two years of pandemic in which many people in all countries have had to stay at home without going out for long periods.

So, when meet-ups, filming adult content and going out to have a crazy night with a happy ending is not a possibility… Where to look for that pleasure and sexual release?

Pornemia, pandemia without sex?
In the same way that when it has been too long since the last sexual intercourse and everything begins to be seen with different eyes, pornemia is quite similar. It is no longer just the sum of the words porn and pandemic. 

Rather, cucumbers, music, shower jets and even toothbrushes are seen in a different light. And no, that doesn’t mean that someone is sick or disturbed. They are simply being very creative in seeking an release of sexual desire.

That is why during this period of pornemia the number of sex toys sold online has risen so dramatically. In addition, many of them can now be controlled remotely with just one app.

Therefore, not only video calls to family and friends have increased.

Dual senses and sexual desire DIY
Pick-up lines like “are you studying or working” have evolved a lot. Nowadays, the ways to find a person with whom to unleash passion are easier than ever. At least due to new technologies and sites like Meetvipgirls.com. However, of course, COVID-19 has not made things any easier.

As a result, practically everyone has entered the Pornemia season at the same time. This means that in a more or less “forced” way, sexual encounters, as they are physically understood, have been reduced. At least for those who do not already live with their partner or lover.

So by resorting to creativity and imagination people have chosen other options available with the opportunities that exist, which is also known as “DIY” or “do it yourself”. At home, with any material that everyone can have available there.

Pornemia: potential substitutes for sex

In the end, pornemia refers to that period of time when there is a lack of physical sex. This produces an increase in desire and the search to satisfy it in any way. Even with objects that before did not arouse so much curiosity. 

As an oversexualisation of household objects. It is also commonly referred to as “dirty thinking”, referring to thoughts of how to get sexual pleasure from any object.

For example, going to social networks, accounts with adult content, sex toys, erotic stories (both to read and to write), hot forums, sexting, amateur videos… And a long etcetera. A perfect opportunity to delve into one’s sexuality and discover new fetishes and fantasies to enjoy.

Allow the imagination to run wild to release and try different ways to reach orgasm, escaping from the current situation. Thus avoiding stress, anxiety and routine. So why wait? It is always important to look on the bright side of things and try to take advantage of the situation to spend more time with oneself and get to know oneself better, both one’s own body and one’s tastes and preferences.  A good way to experiment and discover with the five senses, without having to leave the house.